- Short clips on the site of the university
- Log in on the wifi (for example + password) and go to In the top right,
you can switch to English. Go to Students in the top, in the blue colom on the left you can
find ‘Blackboard login’. Log in with your student number and password to open your
blackboard page.
Blackboard is a system where you can find your schedule, you can enrol for courses and exams and
where you can find your grades.
Enrolling courses
- To be able to see your lectures and workgroups in your schedule, you go to:
personal study guide -> my subjects. Here you can find all the courses that are in you
(pre)master program. Mark all the courses you are following and click OK in the bottom.
Then: go to my groups. Here you can see all the courses you just marked. Of all the courses
you mark what is relevant to you, and click OK in the bottom.
- Go back to the homepage of your personal study guide and open ‘my blackboard courses’.
On this page you mark all the courses you want to see in your blackboard homepage, in the
column BB. Close the personal study guide and refresh your blackboard page. If you did it
correctly, you can now see your schedule and courses on your homepage.
Information about courses
- Announcements: here you can find all the announcements teachers post that are meant for
you. They can contain information about ‘grades online’, ‘you can find lecture slides in this
- Course information: the syllabus with all the information about the course is in here.
Information about when the lectures are and with chapters are being discussed, rules about
when you pass or fail a course and literature you need to study for the exam.
- Course description: a description of the course, which teachers are teaching.
- Course documents: all the lecture slides will be here, also documents about workgroup
Enrolling workgroups
Go to COMAP. Click ‘show the subjects that I have selected in the personal guide’. Here you see all
the courses that have workgroups where you need to enroll in. Click ‘I select subject’ of the subject
you want to enroll in. If you can already enrol (soon) the date and time will be visible of when the
enrollment is open. Be quick, because full=full.
To decide which workgroup fits you best (timing or in combination with other courses), follow the
next steps:
1. Personal study guide
2. my subjects
3. click on the course you want the schedule of
4. lecture schedule
5. mark all the boxes of the workgroups that are relevant for you
6. now you can see all the workgroups and there dates and time
7. repeat these steps of every course you have and create an overview, in word for example.
8. compare the different courses you have. Now you can see which
workgroups have an overlap and which don’t. you can prevent that you choose two
workgroups that are at the same time.
Did you pass a course and you don’t want it to be visible anymore in your blackboard homepage?
You have two options:
1. you can unenroll from the course: personal study guide -> my blackboard courses -> unmark
the course you don’t want to see, in the column BB
2. go to settings in the top right corner of ‘my courses’. Unmark all the boxes of the course you
don’t want to see. You are still enrolled for this course, but it’s not visible anymore.
Registering for exams
Go to ‘(de)register & check written exams’. I think the box is automatically marked of that you
receive an email as soon as you can register for an exam. Do this on time. At the latest 2 weeks
beforehand, or 10 working days. OR at the latest 5 working days beforehand at the student desk.
BUT the first time you will get a warning at the student desk, the next time you have to pay €20 to
enroll for an exam.
Checking grades
If the exams are checked and the grades are published, then these will be posted in ‘course
documents’. Only your studentnumber, and not your name, will be visible with the grades. It takes a
while before the grades are registered. When they are you can find them: check results -> progress.
These are all the grades, also of the courses you failed. When you mark the box ‘sufficient’ on the
previous page, you will only get to see your passed courses and your GPA.
Mail address of the university
Next to using blackboard, you also get an mail account. For example Use this mailaddress to contact teachers, otherwise they will not
answer your emails. All the students are in the contact list, so you can easily find your classmates.
There is also a Google Drive connected to this mail address. It’s a nice system where you can share
documents, for example for a group project, with your group members. You can edit at the same
time and you can see what the others are doing.
Printing and computer-reservation in the library.
Log in on a computer in the library, or anywhere else on the campus. Open the file you want to print.
Click ‘print’ or ‘copy’. Select the printer ‘…studblackwhite’ or ‘…studcolor’. Automatically the printer
will print double-sided. When you pressed print, go to the printer. Because you logged in with your
account, the file you want to print is linked with your studentcard. Place the card against the scanner,
or log in by typing. You can see all your print assignments. Press print.
But before you can print, you have to link your studentcard and your log in data.
Computer reservation
Go to, switch to English. With the mouse you go to ‘campus’ and select ‘study places’. Scroll
downwards until you reach ‘library’. There you see a link ‘Student dektop reservation system Library’.
Here you can find all the (available) computers in the libraby.
Tilburg university app
Download the tilburg university app. Here you can see your schedule and your grades and find some
other information about the university and campus.
Send an email to or go to our room Pz.011 in the Prisma building.