The theme of this years Congress, which took place on the 7th of February 2018, was 'The Changing Workforce'. This theme was divided into three subthemes: sustainable employability, strategic personnel planning and digitisation.

In recent years, many developments have taken place in the field of technology and knowledge as a result of demographic and global economic changes. Organizations must also respond to this in order to continue to exist during these developments.
With sustainable employability, the well-being of the employee within the organization is put central. With the aim of more job satisfaction, less absenteeism and higher labor productivity of the employee. As a result, the employer ensures that the employee remains fit in this time of rapid change.
Strategic personnel planning ensures that the employees fit well with the strategy of the organization that anticipates the future in times of change.
Digitization is more a collective name for technological developments in recent years. Digitization in the context of this congress is about the larger role of social media within organizations and the emerging robotisation and artificial intelligence and its influence within organizations and how they deal with this.

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