What is INPUT?

What is INPUT?
INPUT is the study association of the Dutch bachelor study Personeelwetenschappen, the (new) English 
bachelor Human Resource Studies: People Management and the (pre)master study Human Resource Studies at Tilburg University. INPUT stands for INtegration Personeelwetenschappen Univeristeit van Tilburg and thus, our goal is to integrate students with each other, organizations, the Department of Human Resource Studies and with our alumni association Output.

study association is founded on the 26th of June in 1987 and has currently about 360 members. Every year the daily board of the assocation changes. Normally, the daily board consists of 5 or 6 members, with always a chairman, secretary and treasurer. Besides their own tasks, the board members also coordinate the committees of the assocation. Our active members are very important for us, because they organize most of our activities. These members are voluntarily taken part in several committees. Being an active member, brings you, apart from the sociability, a meaningful experience which boosts your CV.

If you want to join a committee, you have a couple of choices. Unfortunatly, there are only places left in the INPUT'er and promotion committee this year. 

The committees can be different every year, but the assocation at least always has a freshmen-, party-, memberweekend-, INPUT'er-, HRchallenge-, introduction-, career-, studytrip-, congress- or symposium- and a promotioncommittee. For more information about the committees, go to ''Committees''.

What we do
Besides running the 
assocation, INPUT and her committees organize a wide variety of activities which are focused on all Human Resource Studies. For example, we organize an in-house day, a company visit, a workshop, etc. We also organize a symposium or a congress each year. Apart from these study-related activities, we organize a couple of activities to extend networks, develop personal skills and have a good time. Also relaxing events, like different parties, an introduction camp for the freshmen and a study trip are always popular among the students.

Signing up for the activities is always mandatory, and 
can mostly be done trough mail, via messaging the board or at the INPUT room (Prisma building, room P0.011). Most activities don't cost more than a couple of euro's, this has to be paid in cash or by card at the INPUT room before the activity itself. And from now on also via our webshop!


Study Association INPUT
Warandelaan 2, room P0.011
5037 AB Tilburg


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