What is INPUT?

What is INPUT?

INPUT is the study association for the Dutch bachelor program ‘Personeelwetenschappen’, the (new) English bachelor program ‘Human Resource Studies: People Management’, and the (pre)master program ‘Human Resource Studies’ at Tilburg University. It was founded in 1987 and currently consists of roughly 360 members.

INPUT stands for INtegration Personeelwetenschappen Universiteit van Tilburg, and thus our goal is to facilitate the integration of students with organizations, the HR studies department, and with our alumni association ‘Output’. 


What is OUTPUT?

Output is the alumni association of INPUT; former HR students can join Output to extend their network!


Who/What is the board?

The board is responsible for the supervision of the association, and usually consists of 5 or 6 members who change every academic year. The functions of each board member are usually divided into chairman, secretary, treasurer, external affairs, and other important functions. The board is usually supported by an International Integration Officer (IIO). Besides these tasks, the board members also coordinate the committees.


This year's board (2019/2020) is made up of:

Chantal Moens (Chairwoman)

Stan Grabert (Secretary)

Marijn van de Ven (Treasurer)

Stef Koolen (External Affairs). 


What are committees?

A committee is a group of active members that organize events for their fellow students. Committees usually meet roughly twice per month and consist of around 6 to 8 people, including a board member. Most committees organize around 4 events; these events can be formal, like a business visit, or less formal, like a cocktail workshop or a cantus. 

The committees we have this academic year are a freshmen-, party-, INPUT'er-, career-, master-, lustrum-, international integration-, activity-, camp, and a promotion committee. For more information about the committees, go to ''Committees''.


What is the difference between a member and an active member?

A “normal” member is someone who has purchased a membership and therefore can join all the activities organized by INPUT. Furthermore, all members get a discount on books, summaries and some activities that are not free.

If you are a member you can join a committee and by being part of a committee you are automatically an active member. Our active members are very important for us, because they organize most of our activities. Being an active member brings you, apart from sociability, a meaningful experience which boosts your CV.



Among many activities, we organize a company visit, a workshop, and an annual symposium or congress. Apart from study-related activities, we also organize a couple of activities to extend networks, develop personal skills, and, overall, have a good time. More relaxing events, like our introduction camp for the freshmen or the study trip, are always popular among the students, the study trip will be postponed to next year due to the developments around COVID-19.

Signing up for the activities is mandatory most of the times, and can be done either by emailing the board, or by directly going to the INPUT room. Most activities don't cost more than a couple of euros which must be paid in cash or by card at the INPUT room before the activity begins. From now on this can also be done via our web shop!



The INPUT room will be closed this semester but will hopefully open again after the winter break. Supervision is divided among the board. Every board members has one day in the week where they are responsible for the room. We call it room duty. The room is usually open from 10:30-15:30 on Monday till Thursday. Sometimes the opening hours are different. To be up to date, follow our Facebook page!


What is the difference between Study Associations and Student Associations?

INPUT is a study association, which means we are purely focused on the students who are enrolled in our study. We want to help our students with their personal and professional development; therefore, we also offer several formal activities which can further help our students on their way towards becoming HR professionals.

On the other hand, a student association, such as IESN, Vidar, Plato or Olof, is more focused on students in general; it does not per se include study related activities.

These associations are mainly focused on the students’ social life.


Is there a hazing process?

No, there is not! Joining INPUT, or any of the committees, does not include any kind of hazing. Some student associations may take part in hazing, however study associations do not. 


What is INPUT part of?

INPUT is part of the TSB (Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences) faculty, which is made up of multiple studies, and thus multiple study associations. These associations are Complex, POLIS, and Versot. Overarching all four study associations, we have a faculty association, IDEA.


International Integration Officer

Who is the International Integration Officer and what is their role?

The IIO of the 2020-2021 academic year is Alexandra Stanoiu. The IIO’s role is to facilitate the integration of international students into INPUT and act as a contact person for them. Throughout the whole year the IIO actively works to make all international students feel welcome and help them tackle any issues they might face. (alexandra.stanoiu@yahoo.com)


If you have any questions such as:

  • Where can I buy a bike?
  • Where do I buy my books?
  • Which committee is best for me?
  • How do I register for my classes?

…or any other questions regarding being a student at Tilburg University,

Please feel free to contact us (the board or the IIO)! 


Study Association INPUT
Warandelaan 2, room T6.23
5037 AB Tilburg