Do you have a talent for writing? Do you have a creative mind and do you not mind to approach people? If so, the INPUT’er needs you! The INPUT’er is the magazine for all the members of INPUT. This magazine will contain interviews, fun facts, pictures and a lot more! The INPUT’er will create two magazines. Moreover, the committee will have their own button in the INPUT application. The committee will publish on a weekly basis a short item. This could be a little interview, a fun story or some fun facts. The interpretation of the weekly items is completely free! Does this all sounds good to you? Don’t hesitate and apply for the INPUT’er committee! Don’t forget to assign for a specific function if you like! The INPUT’er will have different functions than the other committees. There
will be a chief editor, a columnist, an interviewer, a photographer and a gossip puter.

The most important of this committee will be the deadlines. There will be meetings once every two or three weeks.


Study Association INPUT
Warandelaan 2, room P0.011
5037 AB Tilburg


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