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Every two weeks the INPUT'er committee writes a blog about various topics including; student life, sports, INPUT, and the university.

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Tilburg University Campus Blog (#2) 

We are still not allowed to come to our campus for study. Therefore here a second blog with some information about our campus, to keep you in touch with this place.

On the TU website, our university expresses its ambition to grow into a medium-sized university. Student numbers are growing, but that also means they need to be given a place to study. Here you will read what the plans of our university are to develop the campus.

New building

In the first campus blog, you could read about the newest campus building: CUBE. But this building isn't enough to give room for the amount of current and future students. Therefore there are plans to build a new educational building. It will be located on the current parking lot between the CUBE and TIAS building. Like with CUBE, this building will also be very sustainable. In the plans, an entirely detachable wooden supporting structure is mentioned. The plan was to start construction in 2021, but with the current pandemic, it's not sure yet if that will happen.

Food court

The existing restaurant is also becoming too small. Therefore the plan was made to demolish the Prisma building in early 2021 and on its location build a food court. With the pandemic going on, this plan is postponed a little. But when the food court will open, the current restaurant will also be taken down. What will be done with this area is still undecided.

Library upgrade

During the summer of 2021, the library will temporarily close for a renovation. Some books will be moved to a different place, maintenance will be carried out on installations and the coffee corner will be upgraded. The library will also be recarpeted. 

Sports Centre

Plans also exist to renovate the Sports Centre. New spaces will be added and existing sports will be better accommodated. Besides the Sports Centre is the TFT (Theological faculty) building. The monumental part of the building (designed by Bedaux) will be preserved but the rest will be demolished because the building is very outdated. The vacant space will perhaps become part of the Sports Centre.

In the Spoorzone in the city, a new building of 12,000 m² will be realized next to the LocHal. It will house MindLabs, which is a partnership of four parties: Fontys Hogescholen, Tilburg University, media company and Onderwijsgroep Tilburg/ROC Tilburg. MindLabs will become a place for innovation in areas such as robotics, language technology, serious gaming, and artificial intelligence. The plan is to open the building at the end of 2021.



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