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Sin with us!

Watch our video about the Lustrum announcement above!

Once in a while, something remarkable happens at INPUT. According to tradition, every five years the association celebrates a Lustrum. For this only happens every half-decade, it is an event that has no comparison among other INPUT activities. It is so special, that celebrating for just one day does not quite cut it. As this is our 7th Lustrum, we have a full week planned out. So, seven days of activities.

This special celebration needs a special theme. Since it’s INPUT’s 7th Lustrum, the week will be themed about the Seven Deadly Sins. For one sinister week, we turn INPUT into SINPUT, exploring your deepest desires.

7th Lustrum, 7 days, and 7 sins, each day representing a different sin:

Monday is about the sin Pride, so show your proudest side all across Tilburg.

Tuesday, you will have to deal with your inner Greed.

Wednesday of Wrath remains a mystery, but you’ll have your revenge.

Thursday lose control to Gluttony, so eat and drink till you can’t anymore.

Friday we envy others for what they have that we have not. What sparks your Jealousy?

Saturday unleash your Lust at the masked ball & dinner.

Sunday lazy Sunday, time to enjoy your well-earned rest and drown in Sloth.

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We have er sin in.

Will you sin with us?