Tilburg: city for students

A large part of Tilburg's population consists of students, this is due to the large number of higher education institutions in the city. You will find Avans, Fontys and Tilburg University here. This has the advantage that there are a lot of fun things you can do in Tilburg. Would you like to sniff some culture? Then go to Kunst Museum de Pont or the Textielmuseum. The Pathé cinema is located in the city centre, so you'll never have to miss the latest films again! Fan of parties, concerts and shows? Then visit Poppodium 013! Furthermore, the nightlife is located in three places: Korte Heuvel, Piusplein and Stadhuisstraat. Here you will find the best bars! INPUT also has their favourite bar, Feestcafé de Prins, here we can often be found during our activities. Ps. Did you know that Tilburg also has a karaoke bar? Would you like to have a nice dinner? No worries, enough fun tents! Some even have a nice student price!

There are lots of fun things you can do in Tilburg, you're guaranteed never to get bored.


You can play sports at the sports centre of Tilburg University. You have an annual subscription for only 133 euros, with which you can do literally anything. Zumba, pole dancing, swimming, ice skating, spinning, tennis or of course just fitness. You can even go to a physiotherapist if you need to, or just go to the sauna, which you can reserve. With this subscription you can also play sports in Stappegoor, near T-kwadraat, if you live closer to there.


Tilburg really offers something for everyone. You can join a study association, but also a sports club or a student association. During TOPweek you will visit all student associations and get in touch with various sports clubs. Ask your mentors what the options are, they will be happy to tell you! You can also join a cultural association. Would you like more information about all associations? Then go to this website!



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