OUTPUT is the alumni association of the bachelor and master HRS at Tilburg University. OUTPUT connects HR professionals with the aim of (1) building and maintaining contacts within the HR field, (2) acquiring and sharing professional knowledge and (3) connecting innovative insights from science with questions from practice.



Hi everyone, my name is Yannick van Moorsel. I am 26 years old and I continued to live in Tilburg after graduating. I started in 2013 on the Bachelor of Human Resources Studies at Tilburg University and I graduated from the Master Human Resource Studies at the end of 2018. After graduating, I worked for a secondment agency for a number of years, where I mainly did assignments for the government. I have just started as a case manager absenteeism at HR5. I look forward to making OUTPUT an active alumni association together with Amber, Ploni and Martine.


My name is Amber Kersten. I graduated from the Extended Master HRS in 2020. I stayed on as a teacher at the HRS department and then started a PhD. My research focuses on the inclusion of vulnerable groups in the labor market and how we can give employers the right tools to promote inclusive employment. Building bridges between science and practice is one of my great passions and my main motivation to stay active within OUTPUT. By connecting practice and science, I hope to strengthen HR experts on both sides in their role, so that together we can make even more impact.


My name is Ploni Vercoulen, I am 24 years old and I also started the Bachelor in Personnel Science in Tilburg in 2015. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I graduated from the Extended Master HRS in January 2020. After graduating, I worked for a while in an all-round HR position. I am currently working as a Junior Consultant Health & Benefits at Willis Towers Watson. In my board position at OUTPUT, I hope to organize many great events together with Amber, Yannick and Martine to connect HR professionals with each other, the developments in the field and the latest insights from science.


My name is Martine de Gier, 26 years old and currently working as an HR advisor at Aon. After a HBO HRM education, I completed the (Extended) Master Human Resource Studies in February 2019. Together with the other board members, I hope to further build the OUTPUT network by connecting science with practice and to create the connecting factor. are between HR professionals where sharing the challenges in the HR field is central.


Alumni association OUTPUT organizes 3 types of activities:

  1. Practical activities. During these activities we discuss current HR topics with professionals from the field
  2. Scientific activities. During these activities we ask professors from Tilburg University to share the latest scientific knowledge with us.
  3. Social activities. During these activities you can meet other alumni of Tilburg University or other HR professionals


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