Bite & stride | 27-01-2022


Active Members Event!


Time: 15:00 – 18:00

Dear Active Members,

To thank you for your input🤪 and sociability at INPUT the past half year, the board organizes a Bite & Stride through Tilburg on Thursday, January 27th. This activity is completely free of charge! So if you are active in a committee, do not hesitate and sign up. It promises to be an amazing day! You will walk in small groups, following the map provided to you. In between there will be several stops where you can get snacks & drinks🍟☕🥂. In this way you get the chance to talk to your fellow INPUT-members again and maybe even set your new years resolutions (and yourself) in motion🌟. More information will follow!

Sign up by contacting one of the board members or send an email to

Mark Stivens
Mark Stivens

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