Dear INPUTers,

We hope you are just as excited for the study trip as we are. Upcoming Monday is our location announcement. We planned a whole evening with games, guessing, a presentation, and a theme party. Unfortunately, corona cases have risen once again and pubs will close early due to governmental regulations. We wanted to host a nice activity on Monday but we feel like we have to take our responsibility to lower the pressure on the health care system. We do not feel like hosting an online activity or an activity during dinner time while seated. Therefore, we decided to CANCEL our activity on Monday. But don’t worry, because the study trip itself can definitely continue. The location that we will go to on our annual study trip on the 7th till 12th of April is PRAGUE!

The price for the whole week will just be 375 euros. Applications are open till the 25th of November. Please fill in this form (use TiU account) if you want to join on the study trip. There is a limited spots for the study trip, so make sure to apply on time. We cannot guarantee spots for everyone. If there are too many applications, we will have a draw on who can join. All this and additional information can also be found in our informational presentation:

If you want to join the study trip it is your own responsibility to comply to the local corona measures.

Keep healthy, keep safe, and apply for the study trip.


The study trip committee

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